Favorite Apps

Do you know how when you find that perfect lip gloss or have great customer service somewhere and you tell all of your friends? Well this is what our favorite apps page is all about. This page will be a way for the ladies of Real. Life. Woman. Talk. to share their favorite smart phone apps with you! Do you have a favorite app? If so please send an email to our general email address rtrw2011@gmail.com and let us know about it and we will post it here along with our Favorite Things!


Shazam!!!! - I can't remember what I did to figure out what song was playing on the radio or in a club before a friend of a friend put me on to Shazam last August. Oh wait, yes I can, I used to call a ton of people on the phone and try to sing it to them or tell them who the song sounded like so we can guess away. If that didn't work, I would just hope it came back on when someone was with me so we could figure it out together. Now, who cares, I have Shazam!!!! If you are a music lover and don't have the Shazam app on your phone you are missing out. I tag songs daily so I can find out the artist, song title, see if their is a You Tube video, etc. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself: http://www.shazam.com/ 

Groupon :) - This app allows you to not only search through and purchase available offers on the groupon service. You can also use the app to present the deal to the establishment rather than printing anything out. This is one of my favorites because it makes using the groupon service that much easier.

Dropbox!!! - Many are familiar with the dropbox service for your computer. This allows your phone to share in the action of allowing you to access documents as well as put them in the dropbox for future access. http://www.dropbox.com/

WAZE - This app is part GPS part social networking. Of course you can use it for directions since it’s a GPS app. However, built into this app is a way of passing along traffic sightings to anyone who wishes to join the Waze community. You can report anything from stalled cars on the road to police car sightings to standstill traffic jams. When you sign up for the app you will find different groups for your area based most of the time on where people are driving to and from to get to work and back. You can start a group that’s more fitting for your own commute or join one that fits your needs. When people report things they get the opportunity to report to specific groups. You can also program your favorite destinations into the app for easy access. There are some goofy parts of it such as picking your car icon, setting your mood, and picking up these little point pellets – which most of the time are not on your direct route as though you’re going to forget you’re going somewhere and go “pacmanning” all around the streets of your city. Most recently in an update they have added a gas price feature. Overall a handy app to know when there are traffic jams ahead that you should avoid. http://www.waze.com/

Team Viewer - This app is one of my favorites. I already have this on my pc’s and use it to access one from the other. This app allows you to sign in and access any of your account pc’s from your phone. This is very helpful if you need a file or just remote access to your pc. I’ve even used it to remote in and shut down my pc when I wasn’t home and saw it was about to storm really badly. http://www.teamviewer.com/

Ibiker - (Disclaimer: Unlike every other app on here this is an exclusively iphone/ipod app.) I use this for when I go out riding my bike. The GPS allows it to track my path, speed, calories burned, and other statistics about my rides. It stores all of these so you can look back on your results. The app will even notify you when you break previous records – such as longest distance ridden, longest time riding, and most calories burned. Don’t let the title fool you it also can be used for running, walking, hiking and other activities.

Hey Tell - The best way I can describe Hey Tell is it is like an audio text message device. This allows you to send little audio clips back and forth and essentially have not necessarily real time voice conversations. I know lots of people hate texting. This could be the answer for them in certain situations. http://www.heytell.com/

Goodreads - We are in love with Goodreads here at RLWT! If you are a self professed bookworm this app is for you. It is connected to the www.goodreads.com website that you need to sign up for "free" and it tracks your books. It will track everything from the books you have read, reading and gives you a place to mark the books you plan to-read. You also get to rate the books you have read and after you rate so many the site will start sending you book recommendations based on your historical reading selections.

Are you the type of person that clips pictures or prints them out from magazines? Do you clip or print recipes? Do you have notebooks full of instructions for a DIY project? Do you write down website urls to items you like and want to purchase? If you do any of these things at minimum you should definitely sign up for Pinterest! It puts all your favorite things in one place in folders that you name so that you have an easy go to spot for everything! Go there now: http://www.pinterest.com