Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recipe Review: Walking Tacos

A few months ago I had this great idea about trying out the recipes that I see floating around Facebook. If you are like me then you are seeing alot of different food pictures on your timeline as well as the recipes for that particular dish. The main reason that I am so interested in these food post are that they give me the opportunity to see what the dish should look like and many of the cookbooks that I own do not. I need my food to be visually appealing in order to want to try it as well as serve it to my family, friends or maybe take to a "covered dish" event.

This first recipe I am sure many of you may have seen already but I couldn't resist because being a parent at the beginning of summer screams "Walking Tacos!". I love this one and so does my family. This is perfect for any day that you need some thing quick and easy. It is also good for the days that you know your kitchen is already clean and you don't want to be bothered with a big clean up afterwards (for me that is everyday...lol!)

Step 1: Crush up a snack size bag of fritos
Step 2: Put taco meat and any other toppings you want in the bag.
 Step 3: Mix it with a fork (or shake up in the bag) and there you go!

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