Saturday, June 29, 2013

To Those Who Just Don’t Get it!

This week was an historic time in the fight for gay people’s civil rights. The gay community has been celebrating the victory as we should be. But we also know we still have a lot of work to do before we truly have equality amongst those who disagree.  I will say this. I haven’t heard a good argument against gay marriage being legal yet. So if you have one other than it’s not natural, it’s against the Bible, procreation, imposing our “immoral” beliefs, scantity of marriage blah blah blah give it to me. There’s a comments section, speak up!
This week I have seen very few negative posts on my timelines about it. Most people are just not weighing in or they have been posting supportive things. I have seen a couple posts here and there and some really offended me. The main one I saw was this little diddy:

It’s deceptively packaged in wording that makes it sound like “this is harmless, I do not wish you harm, and don’t tell me I’m wrong for my opinion because then you’re a bad person.”  But to someone who is gay, who wants the same type life you have. We want to be able to marry the person we love, have and raise our kids, be able to do the same things with our families that everyone else gets to do and what business is it really of yours to say we can’t or should n’t?  To say or post this crap is literally telling gay people “I have my life but you are not worthy of getting these same things because MY bible told me so”. Do you hear how that sounds?  They used the same exact arguments years ago to fight interracial couples getting married and really integration in general. And they even had Bible verses that they claimed backed that up. Sound familiar?  The Bible doesn’t tell you to discriminate against people or treat some as though they are less than yourself. It just doesn’t do that. The people who triumph in the Bible stories are not the group of folks acting as a crowd but the underdog who really needs help but is being trampled or blocked out of the crowd by healthy people.  God is a loving, forgiving, and accepting God. We are all sinners in his eyes and no sin is worse than another. If that’s the case and we’re suddenly a theocracy then we shall outlaw beer, cigarettes, divorce, tattoos, cussing, large portions at restaurants and probably even some of these churches because some of these church leaders are being worshipped like God himself.
Jesus walked amongst the sinners to show us God’s love. He didn’t elevate himself above us and discriminate or exclude those whose lifestyles were not according to the Bible.  He actually protected sinners. So now we have turned around God’s word and snobbed it up in true human fashion. We snub those who don’t conform to what OUR interpretation of the Bible is and group up into cliques and judge like our own mess don’t stink.   
It’s sad that we use this book, this holy book as a tool of hatred and discrimination. We as Christians must learn to appreciate and even celebrate the differences between people. We must remember that faith is personal and our sins are really only between us and God. You are free to have your beliefs but one has to understand the difference between what they believe and what others should be free to do.
If gay people get married, nothing at all happens to your faith, to your marriage, to your life by allowing others to share in the same happiness, and it’s selfish to voice such a strong opinion when you don’t even have a dog in the fight.  As a heterosexual you can get married, have kids, and not have to worry about the expense, time, and hassle of 1 parent having to legally adopt the kid that their partner had so that both people have legal parenting rights. Or you’re allowed to make decisions on your partner’s behalf in the event they are too sick or hurt to do so – or even as simple as being allowed in to see them in the hospital without having to have pre planned (and spent $) to have those legal documents drawn up to allow that ahead of time as well. Whereas bubba and betty sue can get drunk and get those rights automatically after a drunken night at a elvis themed wedding chapel in vegas. Yup soo sanctimonious. Aint it great to be straight!? 

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